QB Situations in 2023

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Need an update with all of the crazy things going on in the NFL with QBs? Here's a quick tier list of how I perceive teams' need at the QB position in 2023. Note - this assumes that all free agent QBs will hit the market. They all won't, of course, but some will.

Colts - Matt Ryan and Nick Foles are cooked, and Sam Ehlinger didn't even look good enough to be a backup. They need to draft a QB.
Commies - Wentz is under contract for $26M and then $27M the next two years, but $0M is guaranteed and he was already benched once this year. It's time they find a long-term replacement.
Raiders - Derek Carr is being traded or cut, as the Raiders wisely made only $5M of his next $120M guaranteed. I anticipate a trade with how hungry teams are for QBs... thus making Brady the most likely candidate to be a Raider in 2023 with McDaniels as the HC.
Texans - They should be taking a QB at #1 in the draft.
Panthers - They've gone through too many mediocre QBs, it's time they drafted one. Sam Darnold has overachieved in a few starts, but he should be viewed as a backup at this point.
Giants - Daniel Jones is a free agent, but I fully expect him to return. The question is, will he be franchise tagged or paid way too much on a long-term deal?
Seahawks - Geno Smith seems likely to return, but I find it hard to imagine he keeps up his play from earlier in the year. He's a high quality bridge QB, IMO. 
Ravens - Lamar Jackson's deal is up, but they're going to franchise tag him at the absolute worst. He wants something around $50M a year...
Bucs - Tom Brady's deal is up, and it feels like he may opt to take out with the team not looking as good in 2022. He's taken a step back too, but not enough for other teams to lose interest in him.
Jets - Zach Wilson is a Josh Rosen-esque bust, and Mike White is a FA. White makes sense as a bridge QB, but I expect them to go after Garoppolo.
Saints - It's been an odd year with Dalton taking over the job from Winston. Neither are the answer, though Dalton is a FA and Winston is probably getting cut.

Titans - Ryan Tannehill can be cut to save $18M, which seems logical with his declining health and the Titans' general lack of wanting to throw the ball, but Malik Willis looks like he's years away from being ready to play QB in the NFL. While you could argue they don't "strongly" need a QB, the Titans need a spark, and the best way to get that would be from the QB position. Good defense + Derrick Henry (before he breaks down) + better QB = true contender in the AFC.
Falcons - Marcus Mariota is not the answer, and Desmond Ridder probably isn't either. I didn't like Ridder as a prospect due to his poor accuracy and so far he's lived up to that scouting report. They currently have the 6th pick in the draft, so QB should absolutely be on their mind.

Broncos -  *deadhorse*
Patriots - Mac Jones is probably going to get another chance, hopefully outside of Matt Patricia's influence. Bailey Zappe showed some promise too. Long-term I don't think either of them will get the Patriots to where they want to go, but Belichick has laid his bed and must lie in it now.

Lions - Goff is under contract for $30M and $31M the next two years, and he's rebounded well this year. They'd do well to develop a young QB behind him for the future.
49ers - I think it's likely the Niners roll with Lance and Purdy in 2023 and let Garoppolo go for real. They invested 3 1sts into Lance and haven't seen enough of a sample size to give up on him, and Purdy looks like a great backup.

Others - The Rams may want to draft a QB to wait behind Stafford, as it wouldn't shock me if he retires before his deal ends. The Packers already have their backup plan if Rodgers does plan to retire, but I expect A-Aron will be back to pocket his $55M. Watson looks like garbage so far, but the Browns have invested far too much to abandon the plan. Jacoby Brissett likely gets a job as a bridge QB after an unexpectedly solid 11 game showing for Cleveland.

Any thoughts?

QB Situations in 2023


salamander: Not feeling good unless we can find a QB. Haven't had a great one in a looooooong time. Feb 22, 2024 13:43:06 GMT -6
Reignman: March 11th, 2024 will live in history as Kirk Cousins Independence Day *cheerleader* Mar 11, 2024 16:34:20 GMT -6
salbrecht: Why can Pittsburg sign Russel Wilson fo 1.2 million and we get Sam Darnold for 10 million?? Mar 13, 2024 18:31:25 GMT -6
Reignman: when you put it like that, it's a real head scratcher, but this franchise is all about their precious culture, so I imagine they passed on a guy like Russ over something silly like that ... Darnold will have a big smile when he's throwing all the INT's Mar 14, 2024 17:44:47 GMT -6
shandman: If I am NE, I seriously consider getting Justin Fields and roll with Fields/Brisset this year.

For Vikings to actually pull this off they probably have to trade #11, #23 and 2025 first rounder. In return, they hopefully get #3 overall this year and NE's
Mar 15, 2024 19:29:01 GMT -6
glenwo2: Saying that Darnold will have a big smile when he's throwing all the INT's is quite the Take, Reignman. Mar 16, 2024 20:17:05 GMT -6
Nemesis: Good grief....first I hear....and then I hear...I think I better go back to being gone. *woot* ??? Mar 22, 2024 15:24:17 GMT -6
Norseman: You were gone? Mar 22, 2024 22:30:40 GMT -6
Nemesis: I'm a long gone daddy www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtpe6_2nCts Mar 23, 2024 9:39:00 GMT -6
glenwo2: Norseman is Nemesis' Daddy! You heard it here first, folks. Mar 25, 2024 12:26:17 GMT -6
glenwo2: I'm kidding of course, Nemesis. :) Mar 25, 2024 12:27:05 GMT -6
Norseman: How do you know that it isn't true? Mar 25, 2024 14:28:23 GMT -6
glenwo2: Because Nemesis is the Mod and I'm just a punk rookie acting like a goofball. Mar 25, 2024 16:57:35 GMT -6
Nemesis: Plus glenwo2 is probably my dad, he just likes messing with me from the beyond. Mar 26, 2024 17:13:40 GMT -6
Reignman: Oh great, Nemesis believes in ghosts now too? Did ghost dad remember his name or only the first initial after you recited the alphabet? Apr 1, 2024 22:17:26 GMT -6
Nemesis: We agreed before he died that he would use the name "glenwo" and contact me on the PP shoutbox, but the "2" has me a bit confused. Did I miss his first attempt at contact? Apr 5, 2024 8:22:45 GMT -6
glenwo2: Well glenwo1 was busy that day.... Apr 6, 2024 3:01:11 GMT -6
Nemesis: This is amazing. That's exactly what he told me he would say! :'( Apr 13, 2024 16:48:32 GMT -6
slidell: Sell out and do what it takes to get Daniels.Mccarthy and Maye are Ponders waiting to happen Apr 22, 2024 14:37:23 GMT -6
SiteWolf: What about Daniels separates him that much from Maye? His old team didn't whine when he left ASU, his frame as it is right now will struggle to stay healthy with his playing style...so is he really the better prospect? Apr 24, 2024 13:47:01 GMT -6
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