Vikes sign Sam Darnold


glenwo2: I'm kidding of course, Nemesis. :) Mar 25, 2024 12:27:05 GMT -6
NorsemanSam: How do you know that it isn't true? Mar 25, 2024 14:28:23 GMT -6
glenwo2: Because Nemesis is the Mod and I'm just a punk rookie acting like a goofball. Mar 25, 2024 16:57:35 GMT -6
Nemesis: Plus glenwo2 is probably my dad, he just likes messing with me from the beyond. Mar 26, 2024 17:13:40 GMT -6
Reignman: Oh great, Nemesis believes in ghosts now too? Did ghost dad remember his name or only the first initial after you recited the alphabet? Apr 1, 2024 22:17:26 GMT -6
Nemesis: We agreed before he died that he would use the name "glenwo" and contact me on the PP shoutbox, but the "2" has me a bit confused. Did I miss his first attempt at contact? Apr 5, 2024 8:22:45 GMT -6
glenwo2: Well glenwo1 was busy that day.... Apr 6, 2024 3:01:11 GMT -6
Nemesis: This is amazing. That's exactly what he told me he would say! :'( Apr 13, 2024 16:48:32 GMT -6
slidell: Sell out and do what it takes to get Daniels.Mccarthy and Maye are Ponders waiting to happen Apr 22, 2024 14:37:23 GMT -6
SiteWolf: What about Daniels separates him that much from Maye? His old team didn't whine when he left ASU, his frame as it is right now will struggle to stay healthy with his playing is he really the better prospect? Apr 24, 2024 13:47:01 GMT -6
SammyFranchise: The Redemption of Sam Darnold is Upon Us!! Jun 10, 2024 17:48:59 GMT -6
Nemesis: an ominous warning if ever there was one Jun 14, 2024 6:55:04 GMT -6
Danchat: Outside of the drafting of McCarthy and Turner, the 2024 offseason is going to go down as the "Darnold Delusion" offseason for me. He'll be just like all the other 1st round bust QBs who turn their careers around... oh wait. Jun 14, 2024 16:35:54 GMT -6
Nemesis: *OMG* Jun 15, 2024 10:08:08 GMT -6
Funkytown: Regarding "Darnold Delusion", I think it's GREAT we've had a few members join JUST to play the role of Darnold Defender. We've had it with Teddy and Cousins, why not Darnold too? *lol* Jun 20, 2024 10:05:41 GMT -6 *
NorsemanSam: New members? More like a few new pairs of socks. (do they come in pairs?) Jun 20, 2024 13:01:22 GMT -6
TAFKASP: More than they should, but not enough to matter. Jun 20, 2024 19:05:11 GMT -6
glenwo2: Not for nothing but as one of those so-called "Darnold Defenders", I have to say that if he doesn't play well with this team as constructed, I will become an EX-defender. There are no excuses now for him to fail. NONE. 'Put up or Shut up' time. Jun 24, 2024 18:08:09 GMT -6
NorsemanSam: I'm fairly certain that's how most of us feel about all players who don't play well (especially kickers). Why would we feel any differently? Jun 26, 2024 18:18:54 GMT -6
CAMartin: I'll allow that I have hope for Darnold, but that's because he's the likely starting QB for the team. I really hope he doesn't cause familiar...divisions. Jul 5, 2024 11:53:35 GMT -6
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