Giants at Vikings Depth Chart Preview WC 22

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Having secured the #3 seed at 13-4, the Vikings face an equally as lucky Giants team in the first playoff game in the Kevin O'Connell era. Can they set out on the right foot with a win, or end the season in massive disappointment?

Line: Vikings -3 (55% of bets on Giants)
SuperSim Calculated Line: Vikings -5.5 O/U 51.5

Injury Report

CB Dantzler - Questionable
RB Nwangwu - Questionable
SS Smith - Questionable


* My Thoughts *

I haven't changed my thoughts a whole lot from Christmas Eve when the Vikings prevailed, minus the fact that we were coming off an emotional win against the Colts that I thought would cause us to lose. Now at mostly full strength, the Vikings are in better shape, but so are the Giants. CB Adoree' Jackson and SS Xavier McKinney are back and should be an improvement to an otherwise poor secondary. They may improve the ability to cover Jefferson, but they still have no options for Hock as their LBs have been horrific coverage.

Just in general, I haven't ever seen a team with more Abysmal ratings, that being a PFF grade in the bottom 10% of their position. Defensively this unit has been carried by the forces of Thibodeaux, Williams, and Lawrence. It will be interesting to see how the Giants attack the Vikings on offense, as they focused on the passing game that mostly worked, minus a bad pick thrown by Jones in the 4th quarter. They could opt to hand the ball to Barkley more, as the Vikings have proven to be weak against the run the past few weeks. If Barkley can run like Aaron Jones did a few weeks back, we could see him reach 30+ points.

Prediction: Vikings 30, Giants 28

Yup, I expect another one possession score. What can I say? We're facing a bad defense that the offense should be able to score on consistently, while our own defense does not have the ability to stop offenses until the final 5 minutes... well, the Giants were an exception the last time. But for as much as the Vikings have been fraudulent, the Giants match them.

Any thoughts?

Giants at Vikings Depth Chart Preview WC 22


kidchess: who wants to shout in real life, ill be at the minneapolis downtown east waiting Jan 13, 2023 22:22:42 GMT -6
kidchess: just playing Jan 13, 2023 22:22:52 GMT -6
bobbyc: Terrible play calling...Last play; need 8 yards, throw a 3 yard pass; 2nd possession; third and 1, no fullback in game...No Dalvin Cook..... Jan 15, 2023 19:11:18 GMT -6
bobbyc: The good news is that Cousins gets to cash his weekly $673,076 check tomorrow Jan 15, 2023 19:43:57 GMT -6
Purple Pain: Sorry for the delay! Divisional Round for Pick 6 is now up! Jan 19, 2023 12:38:35 GMT -6 *
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Reignman: Not to get all grammar nazi on you kirko, because it's my least favorite kind of nazi, but you really need to learn how to use punctuation so the verbal diarrhea that your fingers create is at least comprehensible while you're being consistently wrong. Jan 21, 2023 15:17:14 GMT -6
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vikadam: SKOL VIKINGS RULE!!! Mar 16, 2023 9:55:40 GMT -6
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Funkytown: If something was deleted, I'm assuming you already know why. But to answer your question, several mods moderate the board. If something is low-quality nonsense, mods have the authority to edit, move, or delete as they see fit. Hope that helps. Apr 13, 2023 10:37:40 GMT -6
Ted Glover: Speaking of low quality nonsense, I hope everyone tunes in to the 'Vikings Report With Drew And Ted' live NFL draft shows on Thursday and Friday night for the first three rounds. We'll be on for every pick, and we've got some cool prize giveaways too! Apr 15, 2023 13:22:59 GMT -6 *
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