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A few years ago, NFL.com posted this list of league records that will be tough to top. Perhaps even unbreakable.

1. Career Receiving Yards: Jerry Rice (22,895)
Next closest: Larry Fitzgerald (17,492)
Closest active player: Julio Jones (13,629)

2. Consecutive Games Started by a Quarterback: Brett Favre (297)
Next closest: Philip Rivers (240)
Closest active player: Tom Brady (110)

3. Most Rushing Yards Titles: Jim Brown (8)
Next closest: 4 titles (5 players tied)
Closest active player: Derrick Henry (2)

4. Coaching career wins: Don Shula (347)
Next closest: Bill Belichick (329)
Next-closest active: Bill Belichick (329)

5. Sacks in a game: Derrick Thomas (7.0 against Seahawks in 1990)
Next closest: 6.0 (Derrick Thomas, Osi Umenyiora, Fred Dean, Adrian Clayborn)

6. Interceptions in a season: Night Train Lane (14 in 1952)
Next closest: 13 (Dan Sandifer, Spec Sanders, Lester Hayes)

7. Most points scored in a game: Ernie Nevers (40 points in 1929)
Next closest: 36 (Dub Jones, Gale Sayers, and Alvin Kamara)

8. Most playoff wins by a QB/head coach: Bill Belichick and Tom Brady (30)
Next closest: Chuck Noll and Terry Bradshaw (14)

9. Career rushing yards: Emmitt Smith (18,355)
Next closest: Walter Payton (16,726)
Closest active player: Derrick Henry (8,335)

10. Most touchdowns in a season: LaDanian Tomlinson (31 in 2006)
Next closest: Shaun Alexander (28 in 2005)

It's a fine list. #4 feels pretty breakable. Whenever I see a list of "unbreakable" NFL records I rarely see any mention of Paul Krause's record of 81 career interceptions. Here's the current Top 10 in career interceptions.

1.   Paul Krause              81
2.   Emlen Tunnell         79
3.   Rod Woodson          71
4.   Night Train Lane      68
5.   Ken Riley                  65
5.   Charles Woodson   65
7.   Ed Reed                    64
8.   Ronnie Lott             63
8.   Darren Sharper       63
10. Dave Brown            62
10. Dick LeBeau            62

On the strength of a ridiculous NFL record, Paul Krause was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1998. His ridiculous record has stood for over 40 years and will be tough to top. It’s been stated many times and many ways that records are set to be broken. Krause’s career record of 81 interceptions is one that might never be. The Woodsons and Ed Reed made recent runs at the record but still fell at least a couple of interception-filled seasons short. The Woodsons played until they were 38. Reed played until he was 35. They were three of the best interceptors the league has ever seen but never really threatened Krause’s record.

How about the active interception leaders?

Devin McCourty: 35
Harrison Smith: 34
Patrick Peterson: 34

Look at that. A couple of current Vikings players. All three are closer to the end of their career than the start and aren’t even half way to Krause’s 81.

There aren’t any young interceptors with 30 career interceptions. Xavien Howard has 28. He’s 29. J.C. Jackson has 25. He’s 27. Both have had fine starts to their career but are well off the pace.  

Paul Krause's 81 career interceptions is a tough record to top. Unbreakable? I don't think that any record is unbreakable. With today’s passing game, I think that Jerry Rice's ridiculous career receiving yards record falls before Krause’s 81. Justin Jefferson? You never know. My general belief is that if something's been done once it can be done again. The fun part is witnessing it.



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For Vikings to actually pull this off they probably have to trade #11, #23 and 2025 first rounder. In return, they hopefully get #3 overall this year and NE's
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slidell: Sell out and do what it takes to get Daniels.Mccarthy and Maye are Ponders waiting to happen Apr 22, 2024 14:37:23 GMT -6
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