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Dan Daly's book, The National Forgotten League, is loaded with fun and informative facts, notes, and stories. This little nugget about the 1929 Orange Tornadoes caught my attention. The Tornadoes were a professional football team that competed in various leagues at various levels from 1887-1941 and 1958-70. From 1929-30 the Tornadoes were an NFL team. Their time in the league was only a blink, a very unique blink. No matter the sport, we are accustomed to seeing numbers somewhere on a player’s uniform. From the time that someone first decided to put personal identifiers on an athletic uniform that identifier has been a number. For some reason, the Tornadoes went a different route in 1929.

Here's their lineup for the first of two games against the Frankford Yellow Jackets:

A-Phil Scott, E, No College
B-Felix McCormick, B, Bucknell
C-Heinie Benkert, B, Rutgers
D-Leon Johnson, E, Colombia
E-George Pease, QB, Columbia
F-Ernie Cuneo, G, Penn State/Columbia
G-Frank Kirkleski, B, Lafayette
H-Ted Mitchell, C, Bucknell
J-Ernie Hambacker, B, Bucknell
L-Ralph Barkman, B, Schuylkill
M-Bob Beattie, T, Princeton
M-Steve Hamas, FB, Penn State
N-Paul Longua, E, Villanova
O-Jack McArthur, G, St. Mary's (California)
P-Bill Feaster, T, Fordham
Q-Bill Clarkin, T, No College
R-Andy Salata, G, Pittsburgh
S-Carl Waite, B, Rutgers/Georgetown
T-Jack Depler, C/T/Coach, Illinois
X-Johnny Tomaini, E, Georgetown

Letters! The 1929 Orange Tornadoes used letters to identify the members of their football team. Teams were often trying gimmicks in the early days of professional football to try and catch the attention of the public. This was their attempt to be a little different. The Tornadeoes’ two-year time with the Bears, Cardinals, Packers, and Giants will be best remembered by their unique use of the alphabet.

The two M's are a curiosity. Daly thought that it could just be a typo.

There's no "I" in team. Or apparently a “K.”

The Tornadoes’ brief time in the NFL does have a “distant” connection to the Minnesota Vikings. In 1929, Duluth Eskimos owner Ole Haugsrud sold his NFL franchise rights to Piggy Simandl, a wholesale meat salesman and sports promoter from Orange, NJ. Simandl named his NFL team the Orange Tornadoes. Due to an agreement made with the NFL through the sale of the Eskimos, Haugsrud would have “first dibs” on any future NFL team in the state of Minnesota. He was a part of the Vikings’ original ownership group in 1961.

If you haven't read Dan Daly's book, I highly recommend doing so.

Alphabet Soup


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