The Announcers Are Terrible


hokievike88: Hey skolman I’m right there with you as well as many others I’ve talked too. Open letter to networks : Fans want 100% Football and 0% politics. Can get all the politics you want on CNN or Fox news and countless other outlets. Sept 13, 2020 7:42:01 GMT -6
skolman1955: Good god cousins needs to stop helping them score let them score on their own Sept 13, 2020 12:36:50 GMT -6
skolman1955: I guess I finally got the right place Sept 13, 2020 12:37:36 GMT -6
Reignman: join us in the gameday thread Sept 13, 2020 13:18:48 GMT -6
skolman1955: All i can say is WOW Sept 13, 2020 14:03:21 GMT -6
PolkCommish: Can I enter next week and still be eligible? Sept 13, 2020 14:43:23 GMT -6
Reignman: yes Sept 13, 2020 15:21:48 GMT -6
skolman1955: That was one ugly game for the good guys I hope this is not going to be a prelude for the season. If it is i might just start watching Curling instead. I think the D looked pretty good for being out there for 3/4 of the game Cousins gave up at least 9 poin Sept 13, 2020 17:17:07 GMT -6
beckmt: might be a better idea (that is watching curling). Sept 13, 2020 19:38:36 GMT -6
Purple Pain: Pick 6 for week 2 is up! Scoring is delayed for the moment until we get someone to tackle it for us this year. Apologies! Sept 15, 2020 19:44:15 GMT -6
Norseman: Have you offered to double the pay of the guy who did it last year?? (roflmao) Sept 17, 2020 13:58:07 GMT -6
Funkytown: Yeah! Who wants to do it for double pay?! *thumb_up* Sept 17, 2020 18:58:33 GMT -6
PotGoblin: Is watching curling an option again today? Sept 20, 2020 13:08:34 GMT -6
blindguy: I'd rather watch paint dry that have to see that last game again! Sept 21, 2020 16:58:56 GMT -6
stuman55: Anything cool happening over here? Vikings games sure haven't been Sept 22, 2020 10:31:10 GMT -6
Reignman: Lots of cool stuff happening here ... for instance, we're already voting for who gets the deflated ball for the Titans game. We don't waste any time here at the Purple Pain. Sept 22, 2020 23:29:31 GMT -6
Purple Pain: Pick 6 is up for Week 3. Please note the format change for the week. Sept 23, 2020 3:56:03 GMT -6
Purple Pain: Pick 6 is up for Week 4! Please note the format change for the week. Sept 29, 2020 20:43:19 GMT -6 *
shooter47: If the lowest score game is worth 3 points does that mean there are 13 points for this week? Because it replaced the 2 point divisional game Sept 30, 2020 6:52:29 GMT -6
Funkytown: Yes! We just did 3 points there, because it didn't make sense to have the highest scoring game worth 3 and lowest worth 2 (like the divisional game). So yeah, another small tweak for this week. Sept 30, 2020 10:33:15 GMT -6