[OC] Aussie's Mock Draft


CAMartin: So, yeah...they made it a game. "Game of the Year", or so they say...! Nov 14, 2022 17:39:48 GMT -6
Purple Pain: Week 11 for Pick 6 is up: purplepainforums.com/thread/6407/purple-pains-pick-week-11 Nov 16, 2022 10:22:59 GMT -6
Nemesis: I'm going to copy Nov 16, 2022 21:00:40 GMT -6
andhesloose28: My wife left me for my father Nov 17, 2022 12:22:46 GMT -6
Nemesis: I'm an orphan Nov 17, 2022 16:07:38 GMT -6
Norseman: One week too late my friend! (roflmao) Nov 17, 2022 19:00:55 GMT -6
Norseman: Of course, it would negate my "bonus" pick..... Nov 17, 2022 19:01:28 GMT -6
blindguy: Is it just me or is it a complete joy to watch the packers REALLY SUCK! It feels good just to type that! Nov 18, 2022 21:13:22 GMT -6
sky4it: A wake up call to KOC and Kam, get better blocking or we are finished. Nov 20, 2022 18:55:08 GMT -6
blindguy: At least my pick 6 is looking good this week *GBsux* Nov 20, 2022 19:17:48 GMT -6
Nemesis: over . *lol* *point* Nov 22, 2022 11:27:17 GMT -6
Purple Pain: Pick 6 for Week 12 is up: purplepainforums.com/thread/6432/purple-pains-pick-week-12 Nov 23, 2022 9:06:21 GMT -6
Purple Pain: Just an FYI: there is only one divisional game this week, and it's on Thanksgiving. Get your picks in ASAP! Nov 23, 2022 9:06:53 GMT -6
Uncle: ^^On that same note, one of the upset options is NYG over Cowboys, and since you can't select the same game more than once, you can't pick the Giants as an upset option unless you want to forfeit the Divisional selection. Nov 23, 2022 9:19:28 GMT -6
Nemesis: Yeah I've been trying to explain that problem but... Nov 24, 2022 9:14:31 GMT -6
Norseman: It may have been a joke?? (I got nothin') Nov 24, 2022 11:32:29 GMT -6 *
stout93: Wow, that D-line is absolutely awful. But I guess that's what we deserve after neglecting it in the draft for the past 15 years... Nov 24, 2022 14:52:16 GMT -6
Reignman: If you go by the pre-2002 alignment, there are 5 division matchups this week. *whistle* Nov 24, 2022 17:30:51 GMT -6
Skol Troll: If you go by the pre-2002 alignment, Tom Brady's only in his 3rd year, which make his stats look reasonable. Nov 29, 2022 9:26:02 GMT -6
Purple Pain: Week 13 is up: purplepainforums.com/thread/6448/purple-pains-pick-week-13 Nov 30, 2022 9:11:43 GMT -6
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