Vikings at Packers Depth Chart Preview - 2022

Dec 31, 2022 11:28:14 GMT -6 2 Replies
After yet another close win, the Vikings now have an opportunity to put the dagger in the Packers' season. Somehow the underdogs despite having 5 more wins, the Vikings have a chip on their shoulder and can beat an underwhelming Green Bay team, but can they actually do it? Or is Vegas right and will we get beat by multiple scores?

Injury Report

C Bradbury - Out
DE Lynch - Out

CB Nixon - Questionable
WR Watson - Questionable

Line: Packers -3 (63% of bets on Vikings)
Sim Calculated Line: Vikings -4.5

* My Notes *

The Packers are in better shape offensively compared to Week 1, with Bakhtiari finally playing and the rookie WRs up to speed. Still, Watson is 50-50 to play and won't be 100% healthy, and Patrick Peterson can erase the likes of Allen Lazard. It won't be hard for Rodgers & Co to move the ball through the air against the Donashell defense, but this is where the bend-don't-break D comes in. The Vikings are one of the best teams against the run, and can hold Jones and Dillon if they stack the box. This wouldn't work if Rodgers had the likes of Adams or a deep threat, but I don't seen Lazard/Cobb/Doubs beating us downfield.

Defensively, the Packers are just not very good. Their run defense has been plundered for 2166 yards, including 5 yards per carry. The Vikings should take advantage and pound the ball with Dalvin Cook early and often. With Dean Lowry on the IR, they'll be forced to play Devonte Wyatt, of whom they've been avoiding to use, and Kenny Clark is having his worst season. The LB corps is nothing to be afraid of, as Walker has flopped so far. Preston Smith is their only pressure generator with Gary on the IR, as the next best edge defender is a 6th round rookie.

On pass defense, the Packers have given up the 3rd least yards, but that's because teams have thrown the least amount of passes against them. They are 24th in yards given up per pass play, so they're still not good. PFF hates their two safeties, who are both ranking in the bottom 10 this year despite having solid careers. Alexander and Douglas are playing well, but neither of them are going to hold a candle to Justin Jefferson. Expect to see JJ and Hockenson be heavily targeted.

Prediction: Vikings 31, Packers 24

Despite their luck and penchant for winning close games, the Vikings are handily the better team and should be motivated enough to retain the #2 seed and kill the hopes of their greatest rival. With Kirk and Jefferson on fire, the Packers don't have the fire engines required to quash the flames.

Any thoughts?

Vikings at Packers Depth Chart Preview - 2022


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bobbyc: Terrible play calling...Last play; need 8 yards, throw a 3 yard pass; 2nd possession; third and 1, no fullback in game...No Dalvin Cook..... Jan 15, 2023 19:11:18 GMT -6
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